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The Funny Car Garage has you covered for bodies for your nostalgia funny car. We offer bodies from a few different manufacturers and have almost two dozen to choose from. Whether you want a Ford, Chevy or Mopar, we can supply the body to you and do the tree and tin work to make your funny car the best looking, best engineered package available.


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1969 Camaro 125" WB

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1969 Mustang 125" WB

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1970 Challenger 125" WB

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1970 Camaro 125" WB

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1971 Mustang 125" WB

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1973 Pinto 125" WB

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1974 Vega 125" WB

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1976 Mustang II 125" WB

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1977 Monza 125" WB


Also available:
1955 Chevy, 1956 Crown Victoria, 1967 Nova, 1968 Camaro, 1969 Nova, 1970 Cuda,1973 Duster, 1978 Trans Am, 1979 Corvette
(photos available upon request)


Tree and Tin Work

Our tin work and tree work is second to none. We do the tree and tin work a bit differently than others. While our competition still makes patterns the old fashion way, we have developed 3 dimensional CAD Drawings of the inside of the bodies and CAD draw all of our tin for the cars. We then have the aluminum CNC laser cut and CNC press bent to insure the most perfect fitting tin work available in the industry. Even our holes are lasered in the aluminum to make spacing exact and fit of pieces precise down to a thousandth of an inch. Our tree has our own tig welded pads fiberglassed into the body with rod ends on teh end of the tree to make our trees the only fully adjustable one on the market. All the tree work is CAD designed and tig welded chrome moly. No other nostalgia chassis manufacturer does it like we do.

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Tin work in the Bruce Larson USA-1 Tribute Funny car



For a price sheet to build your own car

It will download an excel spread sheet that lets you build your own car.


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